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Reviews & Feedback

Middle Aged Woman

Here’s what Sandra had to say about the Mind Athlete psych-bites mindfulness program….
“breathe, taste, feel, love, live….simple.”

Sandy W.

Woman in Yellow

“I was a little sceptical at first. What attracted me TMA was how easy it was to start therapy. No long winded interviews. I got to choose what I wanted to work on immediately. For me, that was my sleep. Which was always  bad. It had been for years. I worked through the Lights Out program and now my sleep is amazing.  So good in fact I feel like a kid again with energy and vitality. It truly is an elixir”

Carley J.

Smiling Young Man

“I can’t recommend the Mind Athlete program highly enough. I don’t have time to be sitting around. I have a busy job and active life. I honestly didn’t realize how easy mindfulness is. and the benefits have meant I have more energy. I’ve reduced my stress levels during my hectic days and now I can relax more in my downtime”

Robbie J.

Male Portrait

“I’m a bit of a night bird. my work keeps me up late. I’m a software developer. I really only did the Mind Athlete lights out program because I wanted to learn more about sleep. it did more than that. I learned how by not looking after my sleep I was setting myself up for poor health in the future.”

Adam B.

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