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NO PAUSE menopause

Lose weight, get rid of stubborn fat, and feel fantastic in just


The NO PAUSE menopause program is a unique one-of-a-kind program. It embraces menopause as a beginning. A beginning to the life you want and deserve.

Where other programs focus only on exercise and dieting, the
NO PAUSE menopause program focuses on YOU and teaches you how to use exercise, nutrition, and formidable psychological approaches to minimize the symptoms of menopause AND get you feeling amazing inside and out.

I know what it's like to experience menopausal symptoms, to feel that my mind and body have lost their way. I get it. So I developed the
NO PAUSE menopause program for the thousands of women, like me, that want to get their minds and body back.

As an experienced and expert psychologist (you can check me out further in my Bio), I've worked with thousands of women over many years and helped them to reach their goals of weight loss, improved confidence, and to find joy and happiness in their lives.

Are you ready to be one of them? Don't delay. 

YOU can feel amazing inside and out in just 8-weeks.

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This unique program is only €97!



strength training - cardio workout plan

YES, you can lose weight, get in shape, and reduce menopausal symptoms with this specifically designed exercise program. This is a unique strength training and cardio program that will help you lose weight, get rid of stubborn fat and reduce many annoying menopausal symptoms. You'll get stronger and build muscle. Become the IRON MAIDEN I know you are!



supplement guide - food plan - recipes

A food plan that will help you to lose weight and get rid of stubborn fat by eating not restricting. The NO HUNGER food plan is easy to follow and includes recipes. You'll get to enjoy food, including chocolate, not hate food. This plan shows you don't need to starve or eliminate food groups. Love food and transform your body. Learn how food can heal your mind and body. Use supplements to support your body.



CBT - Hypnotherapy

As an experienced and expert psychologist I have worked with thousands of women and too often hear how they've lost confidence. Using CBT and hypnotherapy you'll regain your confidence and so much more using Positive psychology. I'll take you on a journey of self-discovery and you'll have 3 unique hypnotherapy recordings to help you feel amazing and manage menopause symptoms such as hot flashes.

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it's only the beginning

The first picture is where I began. I was totally shocked! Yep, menopause had made me soft around the edges and I had developed a mom-bod.

I knew with the right plan of action I could regain my body and confidence, even in my 50's!

I decided then and there that my life wasn't going to be put on pause. Using my expertise and experience, I decided to put together the 

NO PAUSE menopause plan

I was really lucky, my amazing coach (who is also my son - you can catch him @bensonstrengthcoach on Instagram), listened to my goals and initially guided me, helping me through some rough patches, and giving me the confidence to train well. I learned to push myself beyond my perceived limits.


I'm now stronger fitter and more confident, mentally and physically than ever before, and I want to share my secrets with you.


You too can get happier healthier and more confident in ONLY 8 WEEKS!

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