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NO PAUSE menopause

Lose weight, get rid of stubborn fat, and feel fantastic in just


Ladies, listen up! The NO PAUSE menopause program is seriously unique. Rather than seeing menopause as an end, it's a glorious beginning. A chance to embrace the life you deserve and say goodbye to those pesky symptoms.


Unlike other programs that only focus on exercise and diets, we focus on YOU. Our team of experts will show you how to use exercise, nutrition, and some mind-blowing psychological approaches to minimize symptoms and make you feel like a million bucks.


I've been in your shoes, feeling like my body and mind were at war. So, I created this program for all the women out there who want to feel like themselves again.


As a seasoned psychologist, I've worked with countless women to help them reach their goals of weight loss, improved confidence, and pure happiness.


So, let's get started! Don't wait any longer to say goodbye to that stubborn belly fat, low moods, and anxiety. Get ready to feel amazing inside and out in just 8 weeks.

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This unique program is only €97!



strength training - cardio workout plan

Ready to conquer your goals and feel like a warrior? Say goodbye to those stubborn love handles, hello to a toned bod, and take charge of your life! Our exercise program is specially crafted to help you rock your best self, from shedding pounds to easing menopause symptoms. And that's just the beginning! Get ready to unleash your inner Iron Maiden with strength training and cardio, and feel like a powerhouse!



supplement guide - food plan - recipes

It's time to rock your world with some top-notch nutrition tips! First, plan your diet like a boss. Next, get clued up on the best nutrition strategies. Don't even think about going hungry! Instead, discover how to slay those pesky pounds while still indulging in your fave foods. In the menopause nutrition section, you'll score some top tips on supplements and how to eat for your body's needs. Plus, we promise you can still get your chocolate fix. Life without chocolate? No thank you!




Get ready to slap away those pesky menopausal symptoms with some expert help! Our resident psychologist has got your back with some seriously cool tips and tricks for tackling anxiety, low mood, and confidence issues. You'll be a pro at managing menopause like a boss! With top-notch cognitive behavioral techniques and hypnotherapy, you'll soon be buzzing with positive vibes and ready to conquer the world again. Sleep issues? Pfft! You'll learn the secret formula for sweet dreams. So, get ready to embrace a new, improved version of you!

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it's only the beginning

In 2021, I stumbled upon a pic of myself and was like, "Whoa, mama!" I mean, I was taking care of myself, so why was my bod acting like a rebellious teen? Turns out, menopause had turned me into a mom-bod version of myself. But, I wasn't about to let my mojo fade away into the sunset. So, I put my thinking cap on and created the NO PAUSE menopause plan. And guess what? It worked! Now, I'm rockin' my newfound strength, fitness, and confidence like a boss, and I want you to do the same. Don't let menopause get the last laugh! Take control and join me on this journey of self-love and discovery. Trust me, in just 8 weeks, you'll be happier, healthier, and more confident than you ever thought possible!

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