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Here's a small selection of tools and resources to help you day to day.

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7 Minutes of Bliss: Short mindfulness relaxation recording

Take a short break with this deliciously simple relaxation exercise. It's only 7 minutes long and can help you to instantly relax.

Boost your Confidence in 12 minutes

Journey into your inner mind and discover how to strengthen your resilience with this confidence-boosting relaxation recording.

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Thought Diary: Tools to help you identify your thoughts and feelings

This is your resources section. You can use this space to publish relevant tips about therapy, new trends in psychology and legal resources for your visitors. Informational articles can be a great way to position yourself as an authority in your field, and keep your visitors engaged.

FAB 4: Tools to boost your mood

By planning and scheduling activities every day you can boost your mood, energy, and confidence. This diary can help you to plan and organize your day and week.

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