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This comprehensive 36-page psych-bite episode contains several hours of conventional therapy


  • Poor sleep can affect every area of our life from the metabolic to the physical. 
  • Poor sleep can be disastrous for our well-being. Affecting every single cell in our body and have catastrophic consequences.


This comprehensive 36-page psych-bite episode has all the information and tools you need to get a great sleep. Including a deep relaxation recording (hypnotherapy) on page 28.


This incredible self-help program is packed full of tools, exercises, and information.

Learn the secrets behind great therapy including CBT, Hypnotherapy, Nutrition and Exercise to become psych-fit.

And you'll save save save not only time but money!

Here's typical costs of a therapy session:

1 hour of CBT (average cost) €70 - €100+

1 hour of Hypnotherapy (average cost) €120.00

Nutritional session (average cost) €60+

Exercise prescription session (average cost) €35 - €75

A whopping €285 - €355 (not including parking, taking time off from work, babysitter etc.)


This comprehensive 36-page Psych-bite episode contains several hours of conventional therapy at a fraction of these costs!!


Lose those negative thoughts, lose that low mood, lose that anxiety get back to having amazing sleep with the mind athlete Lights Out psych-bite episode.


Lights Out


    Problems sleeping? Waking too early? Taking worries to bed?

    This comprehensive 36-page psych-bite episode will teach you about sleep and you can easily and simply get great sleep without taking sleeping tablets. You'll learn how CBT, nutrition, exercise, and relaxation can improve your sleep. Included on page 28 is a hypnotherapy deep relaxation recording that you can use immediately to help you get great sleep.

  • All Mind Athlete programs contain everything you need to complete your therapy journey. Including guided mind coaching.

    On payment of your purchase, a link is available immediately for your program on the screen. But don't worry if you forget to download it, you'll get another link on your receipt which will be emailed to the email address you provided. This link is available for 30 days. Giving you Therapy at your Fingertips.

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