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Mindfulness Psych-Bite


This 19-page complimentary psych-bite is an amazing introduction to Mindfulness, and is suitable for everyone. Learn all about the simplicity of relaxation, and how to practice mindfulness. With this free Psych-Bite, you get to learn easy-to-use mindful exercises that you can incorporate into your daily life.  Mindfulness has been proven to scientifically to have a positive impasct on your mental health. Alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, right from home. You’ll get everything you need to get you started – worksheets, diary, exercise routine, and a simple relaxation recording on page 13.


What is Mindfulness?

To put it simply, it is the practice of bringing one's mmind to the here-and-now. By focusing on what's happening in the present, in your current surroundings, you can learn to drown out negative thoughts. Instead of worrying about that big meeting tomorrow, or your next doctor's appointment, you can experience life as it's happening. Evidence has demonstrated that this practice can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, and even help regulate sleep cycles and lower blood pressure. In essence, there's no down-side to mindfulness.


What is a Psych-Bite?

The Mind Athlete is dedicated to making thereapy affordable and accessible to all. One of the ways we're working to bring therapy to everyone is by offering you the opportunity to tailor your own experiece. A Psych-Bite is a supplementary program. They can be used either in tandem with one of our more comprehensive programs, grouped together to create your own therapy experience, or simply used as stand-alone programs. How you choose to use our programs is totally up to you!


Why is this one free?

Well, to put it simply, it's much shorter and less comprehensive than our other programs. While there's still plenty to learn from this little taster, it doesn't offer the full therapy experience that the Mind Athlete has to offer. It also offers you the opportunity to get a feel for what the programs will be like, without having to make any financial commitment! No credit card details or purchases necessary.

Mindfulness Psych-Bite


    Therapeutic rest and recovery.

    This 19-page complimentary psych-bite episode has everything you need to begin your mindfulness journey.

    Mindfulness is a core skill that is clinically proven to improve mental and physical health. Daily practice of mindfulness exercises can improve mood, reduce anxiety and stress, help with recovery from illness and surgery, improve sleep, and help with weight management.

    People that regularly practice mindfulness have better interpersonal relationships, can regulate their emotions easier and can tolerate distress better.

  • All Mind Athlete programs contain everything you need to complete your therapy journey. Including guided mind coaching.

    On payment of your purchase, a link is available immediately for your program on the screen. But don't worry if you forget to download it, you'll get another link on your receipt which will be emailed to the email address you provided. This link is available for 30 days. Giving you Therapy at your Fingertips.

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