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Psych-Bite: Though Shredding




This outstanding 53-page psych-bite episode contains several hours of conventional therapy 

  • you'll learn about your brain, the role of neuroscience in treating intrusive thoughts.
  • I'll show you and teach you how to take back control of your brain
  • You'll experience the freedom you get from a clear mind


This incredible self-help program is packed full of tools, exercises, and information.

Learn the secrets behind great therapy including CBT, Hypnotherapy, Nutrition and Exercise to become psych-fit.

And you'll save save save not only time but money!

Here's typical costs of a therapy session:

1 hour of CBT (average cost) €70 - €100+

1 hour of Hypnotherapy (average cost) €120.00

Nutritional session (average cost) €60+

Exercise prescription session (average cost) €35 - €75

A whopping €285 - €355 (not including parking, taking time off from work, babysitter etc.)


This outstanding 53-page Psych-bite episode contains several hours of conventional therapy at a fraction of these costs!!


Lose those negative thoughts, lose that low mood, lose that anxiety get back control of your life with the mind athlete Thought Shredding psych-bite episode.


Psych-Bite Thought Shredding

€87.00 Regular Price
€37.00Sale Price
  • Have you experienced negative intrusvie thoughts?

    Does worry keep you distracted and intrude on your life?

    Do negative thoughts interfere with you enjoying things in your life?

    The first thing I want to tell you is that negative intrusive thoughts are more common than you can imagine.

    As a Mind Athlete

    • You'll learn how to shred negative thoughts
    • How to put your mind on a diet of positivity
    • How you can literally reshape the composition of your brain

    To bring about real and lasting change.  You'll learn about the importance of chemical and biological changes.  Using CBT and CBH you'll learn the skills that will give you the ability to grow new neural pathways (neurogensis and neuroplasticity). Along with how nutrition and physical exercise can enhance your well-being, nourishing your mind and body.

    On page 47 is a deep relaxation recording based on hypnotherapy to reinforce and elevate the work you do in this episode.

    All Mind Athlete programs contain everything you need to complete your therapeutic journey. 

  • On payment, you'll receive a link for your chosen program. From this link you can download your program which is delivered in a convenient PDF. This link is available immediately on purchase, but don't worry if you forget to download it there and then, the link will also be available on your receipt which is emailed to you. This link will remain available to you for 30 days from purchase.

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